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Take the control of your site

No matter the geography, the device of your visitors or the location of your ads, you are back in control with Adaccess, our proprietary Adserver.

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Our teams and our artificial intelligence work on a strong competition of quality advertisers, to allow you to make the most of each of your advertising spaces.

A personalized follow-up in real time

In addition to dedicating an account manager and our technical team to support you, we also provide you with a dashboard that allows you to view your performance in real time (CPM, number of prints, etc.).

An Agency for Publishers

More than a monetization solution, ADTHINK is becoming the agency of its publishers. Our teams will help you make the right choices that will allow you to enhance your site and make your business prosper.

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We put our 20 years of expertise and our SMART HEADER BIDDING technology at the service of your monetization. 

With us, you will benefit from the best CPM and fill rates, to maximize the value of your advertising spaces.

Stay one step ahead

We keep you informed of market developments, innovations in advertising but also changes in regulations to help you progress in a sector that we master perfectly.

Test exclusive formats

Innovate by experimenting with new advertising formats, less intrusive and more adapted to your content.

No more pop-ups and redirections, you can now match the ad delivery with the user experience.

They recommend us

We have been entrusting the advertising monetisation of Chef Simon to Adthink since 2010. We recommend Adthink, who knows how to adapt its know-how to the many changes in the advertising market and for whom a long-term partnership based on growth makes sense.

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