Boost Your

With AdAccess, programmatic
monetization is easy and secure.


A single platform to manage all your partners

Our platform to manage all your tags in one place and put them in competition to guarantee you better revenues.

Maximize your revenues by optimizing ads types

Our tags have the possibility to display ads in different formats: native, display or video. These formats are in competition. This allows us to be more efficient and to generate the highest revenues.

Save time thanks to automated ads via our AdAccess platform

The ad functionality has been automated to display banners instantly after the tags are added.

AdAccess is taking care of it!

Connect with an endless demand from advertisers

AdAccess is your unique opportunity to maximize your revenue accessing what premium publishers can get from this industry!

Optimize your revenue with the smartest Header Bidding solution

Take advantage of the power of programmatic advertising thanks to our cutting-edge technology. Our algorithm selects the highest paying ads for you and in real time.

Swift and secure payments

Be paid under 60 days with security and transparency ! We know what cashflow means for you.

Fast & Easy setup

Sign up in one click, copy and paste our tag and start boosting your advertising revenue! Yield this up!

With AdAccess keep control and respect your users

Filter your ads and respect users privacy for your site in a GDPR friendly environment.

Reach international audiences on each device and Operative system

Get display advertising campaigns adapted to each visitor Geo and device (mobile “IOS & Android”, desktop, tablet).

We have been supporting publishers for 19 years.

Hello is published by Adthink, a publicly listed company (Euronext: ALADM) operating in digital advertising for 19 years. We have combined all of our advertising monetization expertise in Hello, our smart technology platform. Join us!




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