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Adthink is revolutionizing your monetization thanks to a new solution unique on the market: Rise.

In addition to delivering quality advertisements on your website, Rise allows you to become an actor of  your monetization effortlessly!

We do this by re-investing a portion of your advertising revenue in digital acquisition campaigns to increase the traffic of your site and generate even more revenue.

Thanks to Adthink’s 20 years of experience in audience acquisition, you now have the power to boost your revenue with ease.

In 2021 live your passion, Rise takes care of the promotion of your site.

Rise by Adthink

Leader in multi-format digital advertising

Expertise in purchase of advertising space

Technical know-how
Hosting, reduction of loading times…

Knowledge of the market and advertising regulations

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We have been entrusting the advertising monetisation of Chef Simon to Adthink since 2010. We recommend Adthink, who knows how to adapt its know-how to the many changes in the advertising market and for whom a long-term partnership based on growth makes sense.

Laurent Bazet

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